We have worked really hard to take the hassle out of email marketing for small businesses.  We understand that every minute spent fiddling to get something working is time wasted, and time is money.

You’ve landed on this page because you already know that email marketing is something you should be doing.  And here’s how we can help you with that.

We make you look good

Our solution makes email marketing easy!  We’ll design your very own custom branded email template and show you how to add your content into the template and prepare your campaign for sending/distribution.

What’s more, your template will automatically be mobile friendly making it a pleasure for subscribers to read on smaller screens.  With the growing number of people checking their email on mobile devices it makes perfect sense to ensure they can read your email campaigns comfortably on their smart phone or tablet.  No pinching or zooming in required.

Let us take care of the technical stuff

We’ll take care of the technical aspects of bulk email for you.  This is an important step that is needed to make sure your email campaigns are delivered to the intended mailboxes and don’t end up in junk mail.

We’ll guide you through your first campaign

Consider your first campaign done and dusted as we import your mailing list and advise on the type of campaign you should start with.  Remember it is important that the email addresses on your list actually exist and we may recommend a verification service before importing your mailing list.

Training someone in your team

We offer training to someone on your team and show them the ropes.  The training session is recorded and the video is made available to you.  Our informative email series explains important aspects of email marketing so that you can learn and improve the return on investment on your email marketing efforts.

Let us do it for you

Our “have it done for you” email service means that we can partner with you by doing your email marketing campaigns.  If you don’t have someone on your team to do email marketing then this is a good fit.

Tell us a bit about your requirements and we’ll be in contact to chat about the next steps