Webinar: Top email trends to try in 2023

Jan 26, 2023 | Email marketing, Webinars

Get ready to level up your email marketing game in 2023! Access the webinar recording to discover the top email trends and strategies that you can start using now to drive better engagement, open rates, and conversions.

Melaina Gross

Email marketing trends 2023

During this 45-minute session, you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage AI to create high-quality, personalised email campaigns in record time.
  • The latest design trends and how to apply them to keep your brand top-of-mind.
  • What AMP for email is and how it can help you to deliver interactive, engaging email experiences.

Here is the recording and highlights below:

Incorporating new trends helps your emails (and therefore, your brand) look up-to-date and relevant.

Build on email marketing best practices which are your foundation, these are:

Dark mode support 
Maintaining a good sender reputation

Live text in your emails
Personalisation and relevance 

Developing for mobile
Data privacy

Minimalist design – less is more

Bare-bones design. Content takes centre-stage and emails have 1 or 2 buttons only, a main featureimage, mails are shorter in length. Use simple styling, and a strong visual hierarchy. Icons help to reduce text. Monochromatic colour scheme with bright colours to highlight importance.

AMP and interactive emails

AMP is amazing for making emails interactive and enabling your customers to complete an action without
leaving their mailbox. It increases conversion rates big-time!

You’ll need:

  1. An email sending platform that supports AMP
  2. Support offered by email clients*
  3. Specialist coding skills

*Currently Gmail, FairEmail, Mail.ru, Yahoo Mail. Sadly, NOT Microsoft Outlook (they will see the html version of your AMP email).

Decide if higher conversion justifies the extra effort (and cost).

Alternatively, you can delight your subscribers with animation, gamification, and clever use of click throughs to measure responses, so it feels like they don’t need to navigate away. For example, satisfaction surveys.


AI makes content creation faster (Jasper.ai, ChatGPT, etc). Learn how to use prompts to leverage AI. Don’t lose your uniqueness by being tempted to copy and paste what the AI generates.

Check the facts. It’s not a magic pill to replace skills and expertise, but rather a powerful tool to work alongside you.

Clear of hierarchy of information in this email from LinkedIn

???? Download your cheat sheet to help you decide which trends are best suited to your brand.

Next step:

Book an info session to discuss your email marketing.


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