Using Outlook to send email newsletters

Apr 13, 2018 | Email Marketing, Email production

"Let’s face it. The main reason marketers send email campaigns from Outlook is because it is so convenient!..."

Sending email marketing campaigns from Outlook is not a good thing to say the least.

Why then do marketing managers still find themselves having to support their organisations in sending corporate communication email from Outlook?

Let’s try to answer this question and identify the times when sending email newsletters from Outlook is warranted.

Convenience is king

We use Outlook for daily business email and we are comfortable using it. With Outlook, event managers are able to send event invitations or email newsletters at their convenience. Who’s got time to wait for their digital team to prepare their campaign in the email sending platform? It’s super easy to send the invitation off from your own mail box instead.

There is also the inevitable guest left off the initial contact list that you want to pop an invitation to.

Instant gratification

Marketers can’t all be experts on MailChimp or the approved company sending platform to be able to do this for themselves. They rely on their digital teams for this. The only issue is that their email is urgent and the digital team may not have the capacity to help immediately.

The shortcomings of Outlook for sending email campaigns

Does that sound at all familiar? I am sure it does. Convenience is the one merits of using Outlook to send out email campaigns. But let’s not overlook the downside of this practice:

  • Outlook does not enable the sending of mobile friendly email. Providing an experience of our email that is pleasant on small screens is more important than ever before. 28% of emails in South Africa are read on a mobile device (Everlytic – global averages show over 50% are read on a mobile device (Litmus –  Here Outlook lets us down.  Outlook strips out the media queries embedded in the html code of the email that make it mobile friendly. So even if your email team designed a beautiful responsive email, that functionality is lost.
  • Outlook lacks bulk email support. All the benefits of using an email sending platform are missing from Outlook. You won’t know your open rate, click through rate, or other important marketing metrics. Outlook simply does not track this information.
  • Unsubscribe requests need to be handled manually.
  • If you’re sending out large volumes of email (thousands) there is a risk of blacklisting your company domain. Once an ISP blacklists your company’s domain no email can be sent by anyone in the company and business grinds to a halt.

When can Outlook be used?

Aside from the convenience factor here are a few more reasons Outlook is used to send corporate marketing email:

  • Company internal newsletters – it makes sense to send news to a small group colleagues from Outlook.
  • It’s more personal. The email is sent with your sender name and email address it does look more like a personal email. This is a misconception though because email sending platforms can be set up to send from individual email addresses.
  • Event managers can control the sending of event invitations to guests as responses are received.

Helping you and your clients

We understand the challenges and can help you navigate the minefield of preparing email for sending from Outlook.

Cantaloupe Digital’s team of email designers know their way around Outlook’s html email shortcomings, including:

  • Outlook tends to add padding to the layout of the email causing images and copy to shift in the recipient’s inbox.
  • Gaps sometimes appear between sliced images
  • Another Outlook anomaly that can affect email layout is if the Outlook email sender’s display setting is set to 125% or 150%, the Outlook email “sender” would send correctly sized images, but the Outlook email recipient of a message sent from them would receive enlarged images.
  • Fonts you choose to use in your email may not be installed on your recipient’s computer resulting in font swop which affects the look of your email. Think Times New Roman when you actually wanted Roboto Slab.
Pop us a mail or give us a call for a refreshing conversation about helping your business send corporate communications from Outlook (and transitioning to the right email sending platform).

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