Financial Planners: lead generation tips

Mar 5, 2016 | Online Marketing

A recurring challenge in many organisations is the ability to generate leads.  We have sourced these top articles all related to lead generation specifically for the Financial Planning industry.  What’s more is that the strategies and tactics discussed are inline with our approach here at Cantaloupe too, we know these strategies work, so we are happy to share this information here.

Melaina Gross

7 Reasons why Financial Planners struggle to attract leads

Kirk Lowe, Financial Services brand expert at Tactibrand, and founder of Financial Marketing University shares his big 7 reasons that are holding Financial planners back from generating consistent and predictable leads.

The big takeaway from Kirks article is this:

On my company website,, I get 4-6 form submissions a year. In contrast, I get 2,000+ downloads of my papers. I get thousands who read my blog posts every month and who also listen to my podcasts, Mod Marketing. I get most of my inquiries via LinkedIn messages.

The value of my content drives my ability to generate leads. I tend to “give” way more than I “ask”.

The resistance to share information seems to happen often and for various reasons. One of which is fear someone is going to steal your ideas or method or approach but the truth is if you’re not sharing it then you are minimising your marketing impact. It can be compared to winking in the dark, or not passing out your business card when you’re in the midst of a group of ideal clients.  This will be a change in mind set for many and it’s really about using opportunity to establish and enhance your credibility and to build trust as a Financial Planner. This is so that you can ask for bigger things: bigger referrals, bigger commitment – start giving small so you can ask big.

Top 10 Lead generation tips for Financial advisors

Dan Moskowitz believes that while company fundamentals are important, industry and consumer trends are the best indicators of long-term performances

… most financial advisors don’t spend enough time communicating and relationship building with their current clients. This is an absolute necessity.

Read a quick breakdown of 10 highly effective lead generation strategies here:

How to generate leads from a financial advisor’s website

We could not have said it better:

The typical online prospect doesn’t just come to your website once and decide to do business with you. Instead, he/she evaluates your website and content, decides if you’re someone worth connecting to, receives your ongoing material that demonstrates your expertise over time, and then when a need or problem arises, you’re top-of-mind as the trusted go-to person for them to contact.

How to generate leads consistently and predictably in 7 steps

There is a massive amount of training offered on the Automated Advisor website.  Brandon Stuerke provides a solid foundation about the client attraction funnel, marketing automation, social leads in his video training.  And it’s all related to Financial Advisors!

If you’re ready execute on any of these strategies why not get in touch with us. There is a rise in new marketing technology focused on advisors and we’re excited to be part of it.

5 Online Marketing Tips Every Financial Advisor Should Know

The takeaway from this article really helps with the overwhelm that can be caused by having access to a lot of information. Just get started: Baby steps are fine when you are getting started with online communication. Take your first step, get some feedback, and then take your second step. Follow this advice and you’ll have the hang of it in no time.

While this article may not be targeting financial regulations in your particular country it is still practical advice.  And there is a free eBook to download: The Finance Marketers Guide to inbound marketing.

Get it here:

Recommended reading

Email Marketing advice for Financial Advisors

We have been asked if email marketing really works and if there are any guarantees.  There are two answers to this question: yes (definitely!) and no (if you use it incorrectly).  It depends on your objectives and how you use email marketing.  For this reason we can tell you there isn’t a guarantee as such. 

Email marketing for financial services

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