How to write a roundup article

Mar 27, 2018 | Email marketing

Do you have killer topic ideas, but not enough content to follow through? Roundup articles might just be an answer.

Melaina Gross


Roundup articles can be beneficial to both you and your reader. You may think that you’re leading them away from your site, but keep in mind that one of the golden rules is to give value to your reader. They will know that they don’t have to go search around for the best information, because you already did. Give your readers value and they will return.

Yet, if not done correctly, it can damage your reputation. Round up posts are all about sharing other people’s content so be mindful not to take credit for it. This will upset your readers and they will lose their trust in you. It will also upset the influential bloggers whose content you used, so make sure to use citation in your post.

When using your referencing in the correct way, you can:

  • increase traffic to your site,
  • build good relationships with your fellow bloggers,
  • gain trust from readers,
  • boost your authority and
  • increase brand awareness.

Article roundups can also be a great marketing tool.

Here’s what to do:

First, Know your audience. Who are you writing this for? What problem are you solving?

Choose an interesting topic that’s relevant to your audience as well as your product/service. Do some research to see what questions your audience have and how you can give them a solution.

Now, choose what type of roundup you want to do. Would it be a roundup of existing blog posts or are you going to get experts/influencers involved?

Getting experts involved, means you’ll have to make it worth their while. You must add value so they would WANT to share your post. It has got to be something that interests them, because not everyone will share it.  Below is an exact example of this. You ask a question and then get influencers/experts on this topic involved. Their answers become your content.

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When you have a good topic and want to make use of articles that were already written about this specific topic. If you choose to use existing posts, remember that you still need to:

  • read the article and
  • come up with your own comment about the article.

People still want to hear your own thoughts on this. Post your snippet and use a link to take readers to the whole story.

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Here’s a few links that I found really helpful.   Incidentally my links happen to be an example of using existing posts in an article round up.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Expert Roundup Post That Gets 1000s of Shares

Brian Lang’s post reveals how to make your own article/post go viral. He includes case studies and tips to help you find the right topic that has the potential to get a lot of shares. Brian’s article gives advice about how to compile a list of the perfect experts and how you can get them involved.

How to Create Effective Content Roundups and Boost Your Traffic

Read all about what makes an effective roundup article. Find out about different types of roundup articles.  Luana Spinetti teaches you strategies n how to add value with minimal investment. She also shares secrets on how you can boost traffic and what not to do.

How to Write a Great Roundup Post

In this article you get a step-by-step on how to write a great roundup post. It is sweet and short, but straight to the point. After this article you will know about sourcing and citation. There are also a few examples about what experts are publishing.

How to Write an Expert Roundup Post the Right Way

Get information on what a roundup post is all about and how to do it the right way. You can read about the basic structure and advice to help you with choose the right topic and headline. Discover tips on how to organize your post to give it the right flow and make it easier for your audience to read.



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