Print and digital

Email Branding

Branding email is a great way to use every day email as a marketing tool. Green Leaf’s email banners advertise their various services and drive traffic specific website pages. Their email signature are standardised and centrally managed. This is better for consistency and eliminates the hassle of setting up or changing email signatures on individual team member’s computer / mobile device.

Email Marketing

Regular email newsletters are a good way to stay top of mind and communicate new services to contacts. Green Leaf’s newsletter uses responsive design which makes their email newsletter easy to read and a pleasure to enjoy regardless of screen size.

Digital Marketing Solution

By using SharpSpring Marketing Automation platform Green Leaf is able to capture leads to a centralised system and manage their sales pipeline. Green Leaf is able to see actual figures for return on investment for their various campaigns. Having this information available helps to inform and guide their marketing decisions.

Presentation folder and inserts

While digital marketing help to generate and manage leads, a custom designed presentation folder and company profile make a good impression when Green Leaf’s consultants meet with clients in person. Cantaloupe Digital designed the die cut and layout of the presentation folder and layout of the company profile insert.

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Client:  Green Leaf Alternative Solutions

Category: Email Branding, Marketing Automation, WordPress Website Development

Date: February 2016