Social networking platforms can be used successfully to ensure that your business has an active social media presence

If done correctly, this will increase visitors to your website as well as create general awareness of your company and the services and products that you offer.

Unlike a website, social media platforms are less informal and therefore content needs to be planned and written differently.  While your website is aimed at delivering information about your company and driving sales, social media platforms are more about engaging with your audience with informal, explanatory pieces which establish your business as an expert in your industry, and are interesting enough, that people will share them with friends.

Tips on creating social media content:

  • It must be meaningful
  • It must be conversational
  • It must be shareable
  • It must be educational
  • It must be fun and informal

Let us help create your social media messaging

Through social media messaging and scheduling, we are able to create, in advance, a schedule of posts, which means that you post to your social media platforms regularly and with relevant content, such as upcoming events, promotions, etc.  This is all about planning your messaging so that you are not posting on an ad hoc basis, therefore giving your customers good reason to continue following you.

We will produce the specific messaging and the scheduling thereof, and can also manage the posting of the content on your behalf.

Social media can add value to your business, but needs to be well-planned in order to extract maximum value.