Search Engine Optimisation helps you get found organically on internet search engines

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of adjusting certain criteria on your website so that major search engines, like Google and Yahoo can find and display your website when someone types in a search term or keyword that matches what your website is about.

Search engines look for websites that are relevant to what the searcher is looking for and present the most relevant websites on page 1 and 2 of the search results pages.  These are called organic results.

Internet users trust organic results. 71% of people have more trust in organic results than paid results. And most internet users don’t look beyond the first 3 pages of results that search engines provide.

You need to optimise your website so that your website is better ranked and is displayed within these top organic results, increasing your chances of being found by people looking for products and services like yours.

The diagram below illustrates organic and paid results:

Cantaloupe is skilled at implementing SEO practices that will increase your chances of appearing in the top organic search result pages.  These practices relate to content and keywords, metadata, URLs, linking, structure, coding, etc.

We are able to analyse your existing website and make recommendations on what is required to optimise your website to be better ranked and displayed on search engines.

Benefits of SEO

  • Your website will be listed in the organic search results, which are more trusted than paid results.
  • Your website will be listed for the targeted keywords you select and write content for.
  • You get better search engine positioning.
  • Your online presence is greatly improved.
  • You get more visitors to your website.
  • You do not pay anything when someone clicks on your website link.
  • Your site will be listed and positioned on search engines on a long term basis.

We offer search engine marketing services that cover both organic and paid results:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) Google AdWords Campaign Setup & Management

Whether you choose organic or paid for results, both have the ability to bring qualified traffic to your website.

SEO and PPC programs do not have to be mutually exclusive. It is very possible to combine both and see the advantages of each type of traffic generation while mitigating their negatives. However, you should have both campaigns overseen by the same person.

Search Engine Optimisation


  • Long term ROI: Over time, SEO is usually less costly than PPC
  • The more SEO work you do on a site, the more it benefits the entire site
  • Results have greater credibility


  • Rankings are not guaranteed
  • Takes longer to see measurable results
  • Requires ongoing work

Pay Per Click


  • Short term ROI: the fastest route to attracting traffic
  • Quick, affordable campaign set up
  • Highly Measurable


  • Can be more costly
  • Cost per click is not consistent
  • Constant monitoring is required