Branding and advertising in everyday email

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Your business needs to create a professional impression. And since email is the most prolific business tool of our time it is essential that your emails carry your branding and contact details, and are well set-out to create that professional impression.

Branding your emails transforms your most trusted form of business communication – everyday email, from being just a form of correspondence into an interactive sales and marketing tool.

Use email branding for a variety of marketing objectives:

  • driving traffic to your website
  • launching new products
  • special offers
  • generating new leads
  • growing your social networks

Email branding enables each company employee to become a targeted marketer, yet centralises brand and marketing control.

Our email branding solutions drive leads to your website

With this package, you are able to add a lot more than just a signature to your emails through the use of email media and branding software.  This package allows you to add dynamic advertising and branding banners to the top and bottom of your emails, so you can have a number of campaigns running at any given time, with different marketing messages being delivered to different segments of your email contacts.

By including interactive banners that link through to your website, you drive customers and prospects from your email to your website at the click of a button. When the recipient of your email subsequently clicks on the banner, you receive an automatic email alert providing you with detailed real-time information, allowing for immediate sales follow-up and improved account management.

Here is an example of an email with interactive banner and email signature:

Email branding and standardised email signature

Whenever a recipient clicks on the email banner, it triggers an auto-alert email back to the sender, providing the following data:

  • Who has clicked on the banner
  • When they clicked on the banner
  • Which banner they clicked on – we support multiple banners / campaigns
  • Which link within the banner they clicked on – each banner supports multiple links

This enables the sales person to follow-up with the recipient when they are engaged with your product / service, having recently visited your website.  Our email branding solution also offers tracking and reporting on the activity created by branding in your daily email.

Branding your everyday business email turns your email into an interactive sales and marketing channel that can deliver a 10.5%+ click through rate and an 8.1% conversion rate.