Websites – to DIY or not to DIY

We can all agree your website is a critical asset in your marketing plan. If you don’t have one yet or if you have a website you are really not happy with, you will most likely be asking yourself about the best way to go about this.
For which ever reason, you may even be considering doing it yourself (DIY). Perhaps it’s a cash flow issue, and perhaps you have an existing set of skills that will help you.

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So you have a website; now what?

Your organisation is up and running with a website.  Assuming you’ve checked all the boxes on what makes a good website, what do you do next?  In case you missed it you can review your website against our checklist here. The answer, of course, is: marketing.  Gone are the days (if indeed, they ever were) of build it and they will come.

There are many ways of marketing your website – some better than others – and in this post we cover the basics and we look forward to bringing some more advanced ideas in future blog posts.

Websites that sell

We are not referring to ecommerce websites specifically but rather to the fact that every website needs to sell.
Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. It’s the first thing you need to set up when you embark on marketing your business on the internet. Your website needs to be well planned and must meet your strategic objectives. It is more than good design and is also about functionality that you need to put in place so that your website works hard to achieve your objectives.

Four reasons why website builder programmes may not work for you

The intention of website builders is for people without programming skills to be able to build their own website. A few examples you may have heard of are Weebly, Wix, and Yola to name a few.

Typically a website builder tries to make it as easy as possible for non-programmers and has easy-to-use functionality such as the ability to drag and drop the pieces into place. That may sound very attractive but there is a trade-off between sophisticated marketing functionality and trying to make the website builder easy to use.