website marketing

So you have a website; now what?

Your organisation is up and running with a website.  Assuming you’ve checked all the boxes on what makes a good website, what do you do next?  In case you missed it you can review your website against our checklist here. The answer, of course, is: marketing.  Gone are the days (if indeed, they ever were) of build it and they will come.

There are many ways of marketing your website – some better than others – and in this post we cover the basics and we look forward to bringing some more advanced ideas in future blog posts.

Four ways you can use everyday email to market your business

We can all agree that email is the most prolific business tool of our time.  Here are a few good reasons why you should consider everyday email to be a marketing channel:

85% of all business correspondence occurs via email. Let’s expand on this….

In an average company 13200 emails are sent per person per year. This is time spent communicating with clients, prospects, consumers, suppliers, etc.
500 hours per year are spent by staff sending and receiving email. This is time spent communicating not marketing.
In addition the open rate on everyday email is 99% – the highest of all marketing channels.  This is because people place higher priority on direct email communications, ensuring superior deliverability of your marketing message.

Grow your Brand Online

How to Build Your Brand Online

As a business owner you probably know that marketing is a critical aspect of growing your business.  But there is so much out there that you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start!

We’d like to share with you how you can benefit from marketing your brand online and what you need to know about registering your website address.

Let’s get social

Getting your brand active on social media expands your reach. Remember that search engines index content from social media too. This helps you dominate the search results on page one when customers search for your brand.
Having said that your decision about which social media platform to focus most of your efforts on should be guided by your ideal customer demographic.