Article roundup: top lead generation articles for Financial Planners

A recurring challenge in many organisations is the ability to generate leads.  We have sourced these top articles all related to lead generation specifically for the Financial Planning industry.  What’s more is that the strategies and tactics discussed are inline with our approach here at Cantaloupe too, we know these strategies work, so we are happy to share this information here.
7 Reasons why Financial Planners struggle attracting leads
Kirk Lowe, Financial Services brand expert at Tactibrand, and founder of Financial Marketing University shares his big 7 reasons that are holding Financial planners back from generating consistent and predictable leads.

Email Marketing advice for Financial Advisors

We have been asked if email marketing really works and if there are any guarantees.  There are two answers to this question: yes (definitely!) and no (if you use it incorrectly).  It depends on your objectives and how you use email marketing.  For this reason we can tell you there isn’t a guarantee as such.  We can’t tell you for sure what your click through rate will be and how many referrals or sales you will get.  What we can do instead is explain the ways you can ensure you are doing all the right stuff to get email marketing working for you.  We can also look at the performance of email marketing in general to prove the claims that it is a worthwhile channel to market in.