Email Marketing advice for Financial Advisors

We have been asked if email marketing really works and if there are any guarantees.  There are two answers to this question: yes (definitely!) and no (if you use it incorrectly).  It depends on your objectives and how you use email marketing.  For this reason we can tell you there isn’t a guarantee as such.  We can’t tell you for sure what your click through rate will be and how many referrals or sales you will get.  What we can do instead is explain the ways you can ensure you are doing all the right stuff to get email marketing working for you.  We can also look at the performance of email marketing in general to prove the claims that it is a worthwhile channel to market in.

Four ways you can use everyday email to market your business

We can all agree that email is the most prolific business tool of our time.  Here are a few good reasons why you should consider everyday email to be a marketing channel:

85% of all business correspondence occurs via email. Let’s expand on this….

In an average company 13200 emails are sent per person per year. This is time spent communicating with clients, prospects, consumers, suppliers, etc.
500 hours per year are spent by staff sending and receiving email. This is time spent communicating not marketing.
In addition the open rate on everyday email is 99% – the highest of all marketing channels.  This is because people place higher priority on direct email communications, ensuring superior deliverability of your marketing message.

Email signatures – Practical guidelines

Email is the most prolific business tool of our time.  Because we all use email (some of us on a daily basis) it makes sense to use your email programme to automatically insert your name and some basic contact details at the end of the email.  This saves you time as you won’t have to manually enter this information at the end of every email.  More than this, it is an opportunity to enhance your company’s branding.

Most email programmes such as Outlook and Mac Mail allow for this.  You may even find some basic email signature functionality on your smart phone.  Here are some helpful guidelines to keep your expectations in line with what is possible and what is practical.

A good business signature is:

visually appealing and reinforces branding
has a balance of content and hyperlinks
is functional across most email programmes and devices (smart phones, tablets, desktop)