Going social must be based on business objectives

Much like any other form of marketing, you can only achieve valuable results through Social Media channels if you can define what those results are upfront and create your social media platforms around these objectives.

Your first step is to define whether you should be on social media at all.  What do you hope to achieve in real business objectives by being on social media platforms?  It is essential that you use social media to support real business goals like customer acquisition or increased sales.

Businesses can use Social Media to successfully assist with certain business objectives, including:

  • Community Building and Engagement
    Social media is not just about spreading your brand message.  It is also about creating a community around your brand and then engaging with this community to get direct feedback on your products and services.
  • Awareness
    Engaged communities will easily share your content and spread your message, increasing your brand awareness across different social media platforms, and to new markets.
  • Sales
    Social media is not a direct sales tool, but if used correctly, social media can be a useful tool to engage with communities that might be in the sales cycle for products and services like yours.

Only once you’ve decided on why you should be on social media and what you hope to achieve, should you move onto deciding which social media platforms to use of the social media “Big 6″ being Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google +/Google Communities.  YouTube may also be considered as a social media platform, but is really more of a content platform from which links are shared.

For each platform you decide to use, you need to know exactly who your audience is and what you plan to say to them.  Then you should put together your content plan and allocate necessary resources to execute these plans.

Let us help you go social

We will work with you to establish the objectives to be achieved through social media, recommend which channels can deliver on these goals and how these will be measured.

We are able to set up various social media platforms for you, like Facebook and Twitter, ensuring that they are branded correctly and represent your business much like your website does.

Once these platforms are built, we are also able to assist with social media activity through planning your social media messaging.