Set up your local business to benefit from eTolls

After receiving my first few E-toll statements and gasping at the fee I started to think twice about travelling on the highway….

e-toll - effect on local business

Prior to December 2013 the only other factors that had any effect on the decision and planning to go somewhere was the traffic and the price of petrol. eToll prices add a whole new dimension to the mix. We used to be happy to drive from Fourways to Pretoria for something fun to do on a Saturday morning. Now I search on Google for something closer to home or alternative routes that skirt the N1 and N3 around Jozi.

E-tolls have impacted our choices for weekend family activities, where to shop,  where to eat out,  and the services we use. We now look for things closer to home, searching the internet for new things to do this side of the N1.  I’m sure I’m not the only one avoiding the highways.  This got me thinking about the impact of the eTolls on businesses. The additional cost of using the highway must be influencing customer’s decisions about where to shop and where to go for entertainment.

Business owners must be feeling the impact of the eToll on the customers too – aside from additional transport costs adding to their overheads!  On the upside they can enjoy seeing more  of their local customers and they look closer to home for shops, restaurants, and professional services.  Now more than ever business owners need to ensure that they are visible to potential customers.

We all know that if you want to find something you should Google it!  The thing that makes Google so effective is their commitment to giving the internet user what they want.  They do this by giving you the results closest to what you are looking for.  If you’re searching for doctors in Sandton then Google will run off and bring you back the most relevant websites and listings for ‘doctors in sandton’.  It makes sense then that, as a business owner, you should make sure customers can find your business especially when they are using cities and suburbs and other location information in their searches.


Use Google Places to help customers find your business / shop / restaurant

Create your Google Places listing (or claim your Google places listing if it already exists). To create your listing go to

Also ensure that your address details are listed on your website and various social media pages

Would you like help with ensuring your business is more visible on the internet?  If you answered yes please get in touch with us on our contact page

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