Is your website traffic in danger?

Google’s latest tweak to its search algorithm could impact how business websites are ranked in search results on smartphones.

Implemented on the 21st of April 2015, this adjustment will now start ranking mobile-friendly (responsive) websites higher in searches done on phones or tablets.

That means companies and retailers that have sites that meet Google’s mobile standards will rank higher in search results on phones.

If your website is not responsive, this could have a significant impact on your online traffic, particularly if most of your traffic is from mobile devices.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

Google has built a tool to test your website’s mobile compatibility. Simply input your domain name and it will run a mobile test for you.

What if it is not mobile-friendly?

You need to ask your developer to change your website to a responsive site compatible with mobile devices.  This may require having to rebuild the site or to upgrade it, depending on how it has been built to start with.

Should your current web developer be unable to assist, please call us on 082 378 0768 or email us at for a quote.  We will gladly help you maintain your mobile traffic.

Why has Google implemented this change?

As more people search on mobile and access the web via smartphones, Google has to make sure that it presents the highest quality search results to users.

Users searching from mobile devices prefer websites to have a layout and text that is large enough so they don’t have to zoom, or scroll horizontally. Users should also be able to easily click on links via a touch interface.

Google says it still uses a “variety of signals to rank search results,” and a page with high quality content could still rank high even if it is not mobile friendly.  But why take that chance.  Find out about making your website responsive today!



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