How to build your email list

Once your website that sells is in place and you have an email signup form the next thing to do is to get traffic to your website. The more people who arrive on your website and see your insightful and amazing content the more people will sign up for your newsletter.

digital-campaignHow to increase email sign ups from your website:

  1. Put a pop-up sign up form on your website. Yes, you read that correctly – a pop-up subscription form.  When done tastefully they greatly increase the number of subscriptions to your mailing list.
  2. Offer a free gift in exchange for their email address – a free download of information or a free consultation which useful to your target market.
  3. The less information you ask for – the better. Name and email address are good for starters. Even just email address. Basically the more valuable people perceive your ‘free gift’ to be, the more personal information they are willing to give you. So until you have gained more experience rather keep it simple and only ask for the bare minimum.

But what if you don’t have traffic to your website yet? There are some other ways can you build your list:

Oldies but goodies still include:

  • at networking events, trade shows / exhibitions, or in your store ask for permission to send email to those who sign up.
  • Run a competition. Make the users register with email to receive something of value.
  • Send out a mass text message to people in your sphere of contacts who would be interested to receive your emails.
  • Offer to teach something by sending audio, pdfs, media etc. But in order to receive all this they must submit their email address. This is a good idea for a free gift in exchange for their email address.

Share the list building strategies you used and what have you found to work best for building your list in the comments section below


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