Four ways you can use everyday email to market your business

We can all agree that email is the most prolific business tool of our time.  Here are a few good reasons why you should consider everyday email to be a marketing channel:

85% of all business correspondence occurs via email. Let’s expand on this….

  • In an average company 13200 emails are sent per person per year. This is time spent communicating with clients, prospects, consumers, suppliers, etc.
  • 500 hours per year are spent by staff sending and receiving email. This is time spent communicating not marketing.
  • In addition the open rate on everyday email is 99% – the highest of all marketing channels.  This is because people place higher priority on direct email communications, ensuring superior deliverability of your marketing message.

Transform your everyday email into a marketing tool by branding every mail that you and the staff in your company send out.

Email branding refers to banners specifically designed to be used at the top of all your emails. It also applies to your email signature and any banners in the footer area of your email.

Email branding objectives

This article shows four ways you can use email branding as a marketing tool in your business. You are able to insert banners and email signatures into your emails by using your email programme’s built-in stationery or signature functionality. See our related blog post – Practical guidelines for email signatures.
It also introduces how a brand management system offers extra features and benefits over inserting the branding manually ultimately giving you the edge.

 1. Email branding as a traffic driver

Aside from the obvious choice of linking the banner to your homepage, it can also link to specific product or service landing pages on your website drawing attention, creating awareness, and driving traffic by click-throughs.


2. Email branding to boost sales

Email banners can be part of your new product or service launch. Display special offers that link through to landing pages.


3. Email branding to source new talent

Link to your careers page on your website, more specifically you can link to job categories. Announce that you will advertise jobs on your social pages and that people should follow you to see as soon as a new job becomes available.


4. Email branding helps expand your social networks

Put links to your social pages in your email branding. Explain why people should follow you on these social platforms.


These are four ideas for branding your email that you can do manually if you have a few design and html skills.  There are many more ideas such as creating a banner that links to surveys such as a Customer Satisfaction Index; product research polls and so on.

To really give you the edge though here are few reasons to use an email branding tool:

  • Setting stationery and signatures up manually is ok if you have a small number of staff but as you grow it is better to control your branding and signature details from a branding tool.  This will make it easier to launch new campaigns as the banners and signatures can be changed from a central place instead of manually at each user’s computer.
  • Receive click notifications each time someone clicks on a banner.
  • Benefit from one of the major benefits of digital marketing – the ability to measure all your activities.  With a branding system you will get reports which give feedback and enable more intelligent decision making around future marketing campaigns.

Using an email branding system or keen to know more?  Leave us your comments below


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