Email Branding Gets Results

Don’t think that just because you’ve got a website, people will visit it.

In the same way that a business card only works if you give it to people, you need to actively connect with your clients and bring visitors to your website.

In this post we are going to concentrate on email branding (also known as email media)  and how you can use it to connect with your clients.

What is email branding?

Many clients only know about the product or service they bought from you originally.  Simply telling your clients about more of the products or services you offer can bring more business.  A way of doing this is in your email branding, and by this we are referring to your signature and any advertising banners you put into your email. 


Branding your email to promote new / different products and services is a great way to use every-day email as a marketing tool. 

The Email Signature

Have you ever had this experience?

  • You receive an email on your smart phone and want to call the person immediately.
  • You find that you can’t click on their phone number because it’s sitting in a graphic.
  • Now you have to try and memorise the number and dial it or find a pen and paper.

Frustrating right? So either you put off calling the person or you don’t call them at all.  This is an example of an example of an email that is not being used correctly as a marketing tool.

Your email signature must look good but it must also be functional!

Three email must-haves:

  • It can have your logo of course
  • All links should be text links, e.g. the word Facebook rather than an icon
  • All phone numbers should be text links as these days people want to make use of the click-to-call function that comes with most smart phones

You can check out our blog on for an article with practical advice on setting up your email signature.

Using Email Banners

An advertising banner image can be something really simple that goes at the top of your emails.  It can announce all the services you offer and you can link it to your website. This is something you can set in most email stationery.

We prefer to use a centralised branding system which actually enables a number of different banners to go out on your emails and they all link to different services on your website.  This tool also tracks the clicks each banner gets.

The great thing about digital marketing is that you can measure your campaigns!  So if we see a specific banner is not performing and not getting a lot of click through’s we can remove it and try another one.

Email Branding that Gets Results

Branding your emails transforms your most trusted form of business communication – everyday email, from being just a form of correspondence into an interactive sales and marketing tool.

Use email branding for a variety of marketing objectives:

  • driving traffic to your website
  • launching new products
  • special offers
  • generating new leads
  • growing your social networks


Email branding enables each company employee to become a targeted marketer, yet centralises brand and marketing control.

Our email branding solutions drive leads to your website

With our dynamic email branding software, you are able to add a lot more than just a signature to your emails through the use of email media and branding software.

The system offers the following:

  • Adds dynamic advertising and branding banners to the top and bottom of your emails
  • Runs a number of campaigns running at any given time, with different marketing messages being delivered to different segments of your email contacts.
  • Drives clients and prospects from your email to your website at the click of a button by including interactive banners that link through to your website.
  • Enables you to receive an automatic email alert providing you with detailed real-time information when the recipient of your email clicks on the banner, allowing for immediate sales follow-up and improved account management.

Here is an example of an email with interactive banner and email signature:



Whenever a recipient clicks on the email banner, it triggers an auto-alert email back to the sender, providing the following data:

  • Who has clicked on the banner
  • When they clicked on the banner
  • Which banner they clicked on – we support multiple banners / campaigns
  • Which link within the banner they clicked on – each banner supports multiple links

This enables the sales person to follow-up with the recipient when they are engaged with your product / service, having recently visited your website.


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