Content Writing for Social Media

While your website is aimed at delivering information about your company and driving sales, social media platforms are more about engaging with your audience with informal, explanatory pieces which establish your business as an expert in your industry, and are interesting enough, that people will share them with friends.  To achieve this, you need to build a strategy around what it is you plan to share on different platforms and what actions you expect from your target audience.

Think about upcoming promotions, new products and services you want to highlight.

Think about what sort of information makes you the industry expert.  Think about interesting and unique information that your audience wants to hear and share.

This will form the basis of your social media themes and the actual communication plan.

You then need to decide exactly what you want to say, when you want to say it and on which platform you want to say it.  This comes down to creating and gathering the content that you want to share, and then scheduling this for all the different platforms.  Yes, that means that you actually need to write and plan each and every post in advance, so it is relevant to your theme for that time period.  Content needs to be relevant, interesting and professional – remember even the smallest spelling error can make you look unprofessional.


  • It must be meaningful
  • It must be conversational
  • It must be shareable
  • It must be educational
  • It must be fun and informal

Put together a content plan.

Plan ahead, make it interesting and take advantage of the scheduling tools available.  This way you can take one day per month and schedule all your posts.  Don’t worry you can still post interesting things that you come across throughout the month without scheduling them but it’s good to have those scheduled posts to fall back on.


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