Content is king

You may have heard the saying “Content is King

This is certainly true when it comes to getting traction in the Google search engine.  The reason content on your website is so important is because Google (or rather the Google spiders that crawl the internet) indexes this information and displays it in the search results.


content-planIn basic terms this brings more traffic to your website. In addition more good quality content serves to enhance you / your organisation’s credibility as an expert in your field.

Producing good content is one of the more challenging and daunting tasks for most.  If you enjoy writing then you will enjoy creating your content.  If you one of the 79% of the population you will probably dread it and procrastinate when it comes to writing anything!

“Content is king, but marketing is queen, and runs the household.” – Gary Vaynerchuk,

Creating content is one aspect.  Great content doesn’t distribute itself though and getting your content seen is your next step. You need a plan to write and share good content on your website (namely in the blog or article section) and in your email marketing and various social media platforms.  The good news is the content you produce can be re-purposed to be used in the most suitable way depending on whether they are articles on your website or a post on your Facebook page with a link to the article.

Here are some options for getting your content written:

  • Use a copy writer to write your content.  You will still need to supply the rough material but a copy writer can do wonders to make sense of it all and ensure it is grammatically correct and in the right tone.  If you are much better at speaking you may be able to get away with dictating what you want written and asking the copy writer to transcribe your content.
  • Don’t try cheat by buying content (pre-written articles). The danger here is it’s not written for your specific objectives or product or in the right tone.  In addition you won’t know where else the article has been used and when someone discovers the same article on someone else’s website you will not appear credible or expert but rather be perceived more like a fake.
  • When you are preparing your content or rough material to handover to a copy writer it will help you immensely to first consider your ideal customer – what are their challenges, what are common problems for them, etc. Then write your content specifically for them, solving their problems. This immediately puts you in a different frame of mind and you will find you suddenly have a lot to share that will help them.
  • Your articles should be about 500 words in length and it helps to include appropriate images.  TIP: Stock images are great for this purpose but can become expensive. Find stock images for a dollar each on
  • Create a content publishing calendar – put firm dates in your calendar where you commit to publishing your blog posts/articles, sending out your email newsletter, posting on your social media platforms, etc. This will ensure you don’t lose momentum and maintains awareness with your customers and contacts.

How do you go about creating content and sharing it? Please share your experiences below.

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